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Ready-Made Chapter 5 "Then Came Elysia" [Oct. 15th, 2014|02:38 pm]

Title: Ready-Made
Pairing: MaesxRoy, past MaesxGracia
Rating: R (overall)
Timeline: AU
Words: 1296
Summary: Roy Mustang wasn't interested in having a relationship or a family... until he ended up with both.
AN: A mini-prequel to After School Special.

Chapter listing is here.

This was not keeping it simple.
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Fallout Chapter 6 "Endgame" COMPLETE [Oct. 13th, 2014|02:31 pm]

Title: Fallout
Pairing: HavocxRoy, hints at one-sided KimbleexHavoc, plus we finally find out who gave Breda the hickey
Rating: R
Timeline: First anime-based but so very AU
Word count: 4424
Summary: Havoc, Roy, and others do what they must to survive in the wake of unspeakable horror...
AN: Please note: **This story will contain scenes of gore, character deaths, and sex.  (But not sex with dead characters, I promise.)  Oh, and zombies.  Lots and lots of zombies.**

Chapter listing is here.

“Don’t forget your promise.”
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FIC: "Getting it Off His Chest" [Sep. 5th, 2014|09:24 pm]

Title: Getting it Off His Chest
Author: Sonja Jade
Series: Brotherhood
Word Count: 2,142
Rating: T
Characters: Rose/Scar
Summary: Scar- damn it, Hazim!- wants to be certain Rose knows what he is before he goes through with marrying her.  Takes place the morning after she gives him a name and agrees to become his wife.
Warnings: Some ‘heavy petting’, but nothing graphic or gross.
Author’s Notes: I have this head canon that says Scar’s really worried that he doesn’t deserve love because of his actions while in Amestris- and also that he’s a virgin because of his faith.  Just a little playing around in my own head with some ideas that started a work and wouldn’t leave me alone.  Thank to bay115 for the beta!!

( Read more... )
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Paladin - Shock Value [Aug. 4th, 2014|05:40 pm]

Title: Shock Value
Fandom: Fullmetal Alchemist
Claim: Roy/Ed/Russell, Al, OC - Führer Omari
Words: 1,650
Rating: T for Ed's mouth
Warnings: None I can see
Summary: Roy and Ed are not pleased. The Führer is one shifty character
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FMA:B "Hands-On Experience" [Jul. 14th, 2014|11:44 pm]

Title: Hands-On Experience
Fandom: Fullmetal Alchemist (manga/Brotherhood)
Author: Sonja Jade
Chars/Pairs: King Bradley/Mrs. Bradley
Genres: Romance (with Wrath? Is that possible??)
Warnings: First time sex
Word Count: 658
Summary: Wrath knows a lot about a lot of things, but this isn’t at all how the textbook describes it…
Prompt: Fresh

Read it there at the hentai contest (member locked)

( Read it here (public) )
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Meet the Monster [Jul. 11th, 2014|03:51 pm]


Title: Meet the Monster
Author: Sonja Jade
Series: Brotherhood
Word Count: 641
Rating: PG13
Characters: Braeda, Kimblee, mentions of others, ocs
Summary: Braeda meets Kimblee for the first time, and hopes it's the last time he ever sees him.
Warnings: unbeta’ed
Prompt: Drabble prompt on Tumblr: 'Meet me- My character is meeting yours either for the first time or just causally', requested by thecrimsonmonster (who I found out later plays '03 Kimblee... but they were cool with it so YAY!)

( Hopefully it's a first and last rendezvous... )
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Reunion of the Fallen Chapter 7 "Lifting the Veil" [Jun. 1st, 2014|12:50 pm]

Title: Reunion of the Fallen
Pairing: RoyxEd, with glimpses of JeanxRoy, MaesxRoy, JeanxRiza, ArcherxKimblee
Rating: R overall (language, sex, violence, character death)
Timeline: Extremely AU
Words: 3935
Summary: A group of Heaven's former finest gather on earth one last time...
AN: After the chapter.
Disclaimer: I don't own FMA or its characters, but I actually do own the original stories that inspired this fic.

Chapter listing is here.

Ed remembered.  He remembered everything.

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Three Fics for Roy/Ed Day! [May. 20th, 2014|11:40 pm]

Title: After School Special One-shot "What Makes a Family"
Pairing: RoyxEd, mentions past MaesxRoy
Rating: PG
Timeline: Present AU
Words: 908
Summary: Elysia's visiting and Ed doesn't want to intrude.
AN: Some quick family fluff for 520.

Complete A.S.S. chapter listing here.

"Welcome to parenthood."

Title: Rules of Engagement Chapter 8 "Conflict Resolution"
Pairing: RoyxEd, RizaxWinry, past MaesxRoy
Rating: R overall
Timeline: AU
Words: 2156
Summary: Roy and Ed attempt to plan the perfect wedding while dealing with their insistent best friends, their very gay rabbits, and an unexpected blast from the past.
AN: The sequel to Blind Date.

Chapter listing is here.

"I'm sorry, Roy."

Title: Rain Delay
Pairing: EdxRoy
Rating: NC17 (nothing even remotely resembling a plot here, folks)
Timeline: AU
Words: 1150
Summary: Ed hates thunderstorms...
AN: Last one for 520 Day!

"Get the lube."

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Ready-Made "Class Is Now In Session" & Rules of Engagement "A Matter of Opinion" [May. 4th, 2014|08:38 pm]

Title: Ready-Made Bonus Chapter "Class Is Now In Session"
Pairing: RoyxMaes
Rating: NC17
Timeline: AU
Words: 1216
Summary: Roy Mustang wasn't interested in having a relationship or a family... until he ended up with both.
AN: A mini-prequel to After School Special.  This is a special bonus chapter depicting a scene that was not included in Chapter 4.

Chapter listing is here.

"Think of it as Gay Sex 101."

Title: Rules of Engagement Side Story "A Matter of Opinion"
Pairing: RizaxWinry, mentions RoyxEd
Rating: PG13
Timeline: AU
Words: 790
Summary: The decorations are done.  Now there's something that Winry would like to know...
AN: The sequel to Blind Date.  With regards to the previous chapter, this takes place later in the evening, after Roy has left Winry and Riza's place.

Chapter listing is here.

"Do you ever think about it?"
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FMA:B "New Clothes" [Apr. 23rd, 2014|05:41 pm]

Title: New Clothes
Author: Sonja Jade
Series: Brotherhood
Word Count: 862
Rating: PG
Characters: Braeda/Maria
Summary: It’s a very special shopping trip for Maria, and Braeda couldn’t be more proud.
Warnings:  SYRUPY :3
Author’s Notes:  Muses are awful when you’re at work and stuff needs to be done!!

( Read more... )
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